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Progress in the critical assessment for a far-infrared space interferometer with double fourier modulation (FP7-FISICA) 期刊论文
Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, FTS 2015, 2015, 页码: 0
Authors:  Savini, Giorgio;  Ade, P.A.R.;  Baccichet, N.;  Bracken, C.;  Dohlenh, K.;  Donohoe, A.;  Gom, B.;  Griffin, M.J.;  Holland, W.;  Iafolla, V.;  Ivison, R.J.;  Jones, M.;  Juanola-Parramon, R.;  Lightfoot, J.;  Liu, S.;  McMillan, A.;  Murphy, J.A.;  Naylor, D.;  O'Sullivan, C.;  Pascale, E.;  Pezzutto, S.;  Rakotonimbahy, E.;  Schito, D.;  Spencer, L.;  Spinoglio, L.;  Swinyard, B.;  Venendaal, I.;  Vives, S.;  Walker, D.;  Leisawitz, D.0;  Shi, S.;  Matsuo, H.
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