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Herschel observations of water vapour in Markarian 231 期刊论文
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 2010, 卷号: 518, 页码: L43
Authors:  Gonzalez-Alfonso, E.;  Fischer, J.;  Isaak, K.;  Rykala, A.;  Savini, G.;  Spaans, M.;  van der Werf, P.;  Meijerink, R.;  Israel, F. P.;  Loenen, A. F.;  Vlahakis, C.;  Smith, H. A.;  Charmandaris, V.;  Aalto, S.;  Henkel, C.;  Weiss, A.;  Walter, F.;  Greve, T. R.;  Martin-Pintado, J.;  Naylor, D. A.;  Spinoglio, L.;  Veilleux, S.;  Harris, A. I.;  Armus, L.;  Lord, S.;  Mazzarella, J.;  Xilouris, E. M.;  Sanders, D. B.;  Dasyra, K. M.;  Wiedner, M. C.;  Kramer, C.;  Papadopoulos, P. P.;  Stacey, G. J.;  Evans, A. S.;  Gao, Y.
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Ism: Molecules  Galaxies: Ism  Galaxies: Individual: Mrk 231  Line: Formation  Infrared: Ism  Submillimeter: Galaxies  
Black hole accretion and star formation as drivers of gas excitation and chemistry in Markarian 231 期刊论文
ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, 2010, 卷号: 518, 页码: L42
Authors:  van der Werf, P. P.;  Isaak, K. G.;  Meijerink, R.;  Spaans, M.;  Rykala, A.;  Fulton, T.;  Loenen, A. F.;  Walter, F.;  Weiss, A.;  Armus, L.;  Fischer, J.;  Israel, F. P.;  Harris, A. I.;  Veilleux, S.;  Henkel, C.;  Savini, G.;  Lord, S.;  Smith, H. A.;  Gonzalez-Alfonso, E.;  Naylor, D.;  Aalto, S.;  Charmandaris, V.;  Dasyra, K. M.;  Evans, A.;  Gao, Y.;  Greve, T. R.;  Guesten, R.;  Kramer, C.;  Martin-Pintado, J.;  Mazzarella, J.;  Papadopoulos, P. P.;  Sanders, D. B.;  Spinoglio, L.;  Stacey, G.;  Vlahakis, C.;  Wiedner, M. C.;  Xilouris, E. M.
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Galaxies: Individual: Mrk 231  Galaxies: Active  Galaxies: Ism  Galaxies: Nuclei  Galaxies: Starburst  Infrared: Galaxies